Sunday, November 29, 2009


Eggtoberfest 2009 was Saturday, October 17. What is Eggtobergest you ask? It's a celebration of the Big Green Egg held in Tucker, GA, home of the Big Green Egg. Besides all the great food we sampled, the best part is the fact that they sell the Eggs after the festival. You can get a Big Green Egg that's been used only once for a fraction of the price of a new getup. The weather was darn near foul with temps in the 40s and periods of heavy rain. It didn't hold us back though. We ate like kings. Pictured above Heather, Labon and Katie flash our impromptu hand signal for Eggtoberfest.

Everything was very tasty. Labon's favorite was the bacon-wrapped pearl onions, "pearl bites." Yum. So the deal is that you either pay admission or you volunteer to cook something (we simply paid to get in). There were probably 150 Eggs fired up with everything from loaves of bread to shrimp and grits to wings to pizza. All hail the versatility of the Big Green Egg! (below you can see a pizza)

Here's the view as we arrived. The event is held at Big Green Egg HQ in Tucker.

Pork tenderloin with all sorts of goodies on it.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I Like Big Butts: the first pork shoulder

This was the first major project on my Big Green Egg. After the trick or treaters had come and gone, Labon came over to help me set this up. We followed this recipe pretty much to the letter. We put the shoulder on at 10pm and stabilized the dome temp at 195 degrees.

It rained like mad during the night, so I slept rather poorly with dreams of flooded eggs and wet coals. In the morning I went out to check the dome temp. You can imagine how excited I was to find it was pegged at 195 still. After church it fell off a little bit and I had to rearrange the coals a little to make sure the air was still flowing through the firebox. After some poking and prodding the temps rose again.Around 4pm on Sunday the temps fell again and wouldn't come back up. This was just as Labon and Katie were coming back over for dinner so we loaded up fresh coals right as Labon got there. I had started them on my Weber kettle grill using a chimney. We dumped the fresh coals in and got the temps back up pronto.
By 8 pm (i.e. 22 hours later) the internal temp had gotten to where we wanted it (190) and it was time for dinner. I just used two forks and pulled the meat apart and squirted vinegar sauce down in the meat as I pulled. It fell apart into very tender morsels. We had slaw and hush puppies using the recipe referenced above. I was too hungry and excited to take pictures once we got it off the Egg. But I have to say this was some of the best 'Q I've ever eaten. Can't wait to do this again.

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