Sunday, December 20, 2009

Stubborn Pork Butts

So this ended up being a strange cook in that it took forever. The largest butt (7.5 lbs) took 26 hours to cook. For the record that was 3 loads of coal filled to the top of the fire box. Now when it was ready it just fell to pieces as I was trying to get it off of my Big Green Egg.

Back in October I had great success using Elder Ward's recipe for NC pulled pork.
So if it ain't broke . . . I like that recipe because it gives you a rub, a sauce, a road map for the cook (including detailed instructions on how to load your coal for a long cook). Furthermore, the slaw recipe listed there is tasty and the hush puppies are incredible.

The smaller butts were smokier, dryer and tougher than the big guy. The takeaway here is that I think it's good to do the larger cuts if you're going to make the effort. The photo above is from one of the smaller butts. You can see that it's a little stringy. But I liked the natural light that came in through the kitchen on this shot.

Below is the good stuff. I daresay that it was worth the 26 hr wait.


  1. Wow. Totally puzzled. 26 hours and 3 loads of coal? Have you to talked to some other Eggheads about that, because I'm honestly baffled. Did they have any ideas?

    I've never gone more than 2 hours a pound without hitting temp and I go 18 hours easy on one load of lump at 250f. So my first thought was "Maybe his Egg thermometer is not calibrated right and his temp was lower" but if that's the case, you wouldn't have been burning through 3 loads of lump.

    Please understand I am NOT being critical at all. I am genuinely flummoxed. I'm glad it turned okay, though.

  2. Wow! That butt gave new meaning to the phrase - it's done when it's done!

    "The largest butt (7.5 lbs) took 26 hours to cook."

    I think Chris might be on to something with your thermometer.

    Any chance it was frozen?