Sunday, December 6, 2009


The turkey came out very nicely. We bought frozen birds last Sunday and they thawed all week in the fridge. They were still a little crunchy on Friday, but were ready to go come Saturday. Heather put the 11 pounder in the oven and Labon and I took on the 14 lb turkey.

The biggest learning experience here was that you can't fill your Egg with the shakes at the bottom of the bag and hope to sustain a long burn. As I filled the fire box I thought we were in for trouble. The temps did ok for a while, but with no space between the coals, the airflow was a real problem. The Egg needed a fan right at the bottom vent all day just to keep the coals going. They finally crapped out after about 4 hours only and we had to dump in fresh coals from a chimney starter.

All-in the bird was done after 5 hours and change. It came out very moist and tasty with all the herbs and seasonings. I have to say my personal favorite from all of this was the gravy recipe. I'm not much of a gravy fan, but will want to have this on the table in the future without question.

Juicy goodness.

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