Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Resolution #1: Know my internal temps

Of all the things to screw up. . .

We had friends over for New Year's Eve dinner and I over cooked the NY Strip steaks (1 3/4" thick and about 1 1/4 lb per steak!). I used the TRex steak method, which involves searing the steak and then letting it "rest" inside for 20 minutes before cooking it the rest of the way at a lower temp. Somewhere along the way I found a book saying that 145f is medium rare on the inside of a steak. As far as I can tell that's darned medium and close to well done by the time they come off the egg and cook a little more on the platter.

The TRex method suggests an internal temp of 125 for med. rare. That sounded awfully bloody to me, so I consulted another source. But now I know.

Fortunately the steaks had great flavor (the rub was simply coarse salt, fresh-ground pepper and olive oil) and the TRex method really gets them tender. Unfortunately, they were WAY over done for my taste. The guests were gracious and seemed to eat their fair share all the same.

I didn't photograph the finished product. It was just too painful (or at least embarrassing). Goodbye 2009! What a bitter, chewy farewell.

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  1. 145f sounds like they were talking about a beef roast. Don't feel bad about the mix up. That is the absolute best way to learn, for me.