Sunday, January 3, 2010

Experience has taught me. . .

Experience has taught me that I could always use a little more experience. First, I'm flattered to have the helpful and encouraging comments from strangers on this site. On my last cook I got some great questions which I'd like to address.

Yes, I have calibrated the dome thermometer and it's quite accurate. The thing here is that I'm following the Elder Ward instructions which I understand to call for a dome temp of around 195 to 200 f and then opening it up to about 275f or so once the internal temp of the pork gets around 160. I've been curious about this, because I've seen others talk about doing butts at 250f on the dome temp. Sounds like you get the same results with less time and fuel. Any thoughts here are appreciated. I'll poll the egghead forum for guidance.

I managed to do a lot of cooking on the Egg this weekend. I'll include posts and photos later in the week, but the recurring theme here is that it's good to stay humble. I still have a lot to learn. Thanks for reading.

Happy New Year!

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  1. I feel like 2009 was a huge learning experience for me, food wise, and I'm hoping 2010 brings more of the same. The day we have nothing left to learn is the day cooking won't be fun anymore, right?

    Then again, burning pork chops on the Egg last month wasn't very fun either;)

    I like your new header photo. Nice shot on the cast iron.

    As far as the 250f dome temp, that's been my best temp and everyone has been very happy with my pulled pork.