Thursday, January 28, 2010

A moment of reflection with an eye on the weekend

I have no idea how this stacks up in the grand scheme. Actually I do. This is no major deal, but I'm excited to see that since inception Grill Knuckles has had 1001 "hits" as of this morning. This seems like a good bit of traffic for a dinky blog started in October 2009. Thank you for checking in on my hobby to see what's up. I hope I've made your mouth water once or twice. It's with your help that we have made Grill Knuckles the 12,084,674,139th most popular website in the WORLD!

Now, there's no time to rest on one's laurels.

Saturday's forecast includes a wintry mix with 99% chance of baby back ribs. The goal is to try a few racks in a few styles and recipes. Check back soon!

Thanks again for supporting Grill Knuckles.

I'm fired up.


  1. They are already closing schools here and the snow isn't even supposed to start until tomorrow afternoon around 3 or 4pm.

    I'll be out there Eggin' in the snow too! Rock on, Brother!

  2. Nobody seems to be sure what in the world we'll get here. It looks like it'll be a frozen mess. I may need to set up my tarp ahead of time to give me unfettered (and iceless) access to the Egg. I'm with you, in weather like this all you can do is hunker down and eat!