Thursday, January 7, 2010

Steak Doneness temps

There is no end to useful info at the Egghead Forum. In fact, just a month ago a user inquired about internal temps for steak doneness.

So here you go:

Very Rare Steak – 120°
Rare Steak – 125°
Medium-Rare Steak – 130° – 135°
Medium Steak – 140° – 145°
Medium-Well Steak – 150° – 155°
Well-Done Steak – 160°

Pictures of what your steak will look like at these temps are available by clicking here.


  1. I saw a weird post about how you can tell steak doneness by comparing the touch to the ball of your thumb, whether you touch it with your index, middle, or ring fingers. Did you see that post? I didn't really understand it and figured using internal temps has worked for me so far.

  2. Never heard that one, but I did hear you can press the inside of your arm to test doneness. If the steak feels like the inside of your forearm at your elbow it's rare. If it feels like the inside of your wrist, it's well done--and there are varying levels of squishiness from your elbow on up to help you figure out how done your steak is. I was relieved to discover Thermapens as I never got the hang of that gimmick.

    Besides, I think guests prefer to have their steak given a little probe with your Thermapen over you jabbing it with your finger all through the cook. Dpn't you think?

  3. the sure fire way to check your steak is with a thermometer.

    1. I totally agree. When I cook steaks I always reference this chart and carry my Thermapen.