Thursday, January 14, 2010

TRex: Take Two

As luck would have it, when I bought steaks for New Year's Eve I assumed one of our guests was going to have steak, who wound up bringing salmon. This meant that one good-looking steak was sitting in the fridge all by itself as 2010 began.

My folks came into town on Saturday, January 2 for a visit and stayed through Sunday to exchange Christmas gifts and see the Panthers game. Saturday night we did the whole fish thing (see previous post). Sunday my dad and I decided to whip up the last steak on the Big Green Egg for lunch.

The TRex method had worked on New Year's Eve (except for the internal temps) so we decided to try again in hopes of getting a rarer finished product. I should point out that I gave my dad a cast iron grate for his Big Green Egg for Christmas, which he graciously decided to christen on my Egg for this occasion.

A couple nights prior I had not been able to get the dome temp beyond the 625f range. This time we loaded more coals in and placed a fan blowing right up the skirt of my egg, which got us darn close to 700f. That plus the cast iron really gave the steak a lovely sear.

Again the rub was simply fresh-ground pepper and coarse salt sprinkled on after coating the strips with olive oil.

I'm a believer now in letting the meat rest for 20 minutes after you sear each side. We really enjoyed some very tender beef. I think the "rest" had to have helped.
We pulled this guy off when the internal temp was around 125f or just a hair over. We let it rest for 5 minutes and then it was time for lunch! It easily fed us both.
While I've not done any outdoor cooking since this steak came off on January 3rd, it was tasty bit of encouragement. I have great hope for what sorts of tastiness will end up on the table in 2010.


  1. That is the money shot! Perfectly seared and cooked. GRATE job:) (pun intended)

  2. PS: New header photo is hilarious.