Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Idle Hands

I've got a silly list of excuses for not grilling or posting.

Rather bore you with those excuses, allow me to tell you what's right in the world:

I've cooked another bread recipe, which I hope to tell you about shortly.

I've learned some good stuff about freezing meats.

I'm in the market for a new meat probe thermometer.

A pal from college has reached out to let me know he's all into Eggin' too. In fact, he's made a great video about how to smoke a butt. I'd love to post it here or direct you to it when he finds an internet home for his lovely and informative little documentary.

Lastly, I'm delighted to report that spring is here. With it comes good weather to stand around one's Egg.

I'm also interested in tweaking my blog design a little. Any suggestions or tips are welcome. You may see some experimenting going on in the margins. Feedback is welcome.


  1. As far as the thermometer goes, the Thermapen is definitely the standard. I love mine.

    BUT, that being said, when I tested a bunch (http://www.nibblemethis.com/2009/11/probing-questions-about-thermometers.html), the Taylor Weekend Warrior was VERY close and priced at 1/4th of the cost.

    Templates for the blog? Wish I could help more. A friend of mine did my template. I just tweak the layout using the blogger tools. I need to learn more about CSS and HTML.

  2. I wish I had more time to get me blog look better...

    some day will pay someone I guess

    And hopeing you get back to posting more often