Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Carolina Eggfest

Casual Furniture World in Winston-Salem, NC hosted the first annual Carolina Eggfest in this field behind their store.  It was a great spot for a party.  The wind was fierce all day long.  A number of tents bit the dust and the main tent where folks gathered for shade struggled to stay up as the day wore on.  Eventually they had to take it down.

So my dad, my uncle, Labon and his dad had to check out the action. There were 11 Eggs in use by some really great folks who fixed us a wide variety of treats all day long.  I know some of the cooks were from Lenoir.  We had some guys from Roanoke, VA.  There was a group from Morganton and another gang from Greenville, NC.  I think there were some guys from Texas too, but I'm not certain of that.

 I'm embarrassed now to realize how few people I actually met, but the festival was a success thanks to the efforts from the cooks and the good organization from Josh at Casual Furniture World.  Of course the food was good, but we also had the benefit of some great pickin n' grinnin from a banjo and guitar duo.

Here's some of the foods we enjoyed.

Above: first layer being woven of the "bacon explosion," which is like a pipe bomb made out of pork--and it doesn't really explode.  The good folks of the Caldwell Grill and Brew Club were manning this station.  And yes, the president of the Caldwell chapter and I have spoken about a Mecklenburg chapter.

This is genius.  It's just those little pies you can get at gas stations (growing up B&G was the brand in my home town).  You just heat 'em up for a few minutes to caramelize the sugar on the outside and heat up the peachy goo on the inside.

EggieG from Virginia made some New Orleans style barbecued shrimp that was really good.  I snapped this photo after eating the last shrimp.  You can see it was a good stew served up with pieces of bread to sop all the good stuff.

If there was one piece of gear that I coveted most from the whole weekend it was the extra large cast iron skillet made for the XL Big Green Egg.  These guys from Morganton used it to its fullest capabilities by whipping up some amazing paella. Look at the smiles.  One guy has his hand to his heart.  He knew he was about to get into something tasty.

The guys from Greenville, NC made some great stuff too.  They made the ribs you see below, which were super tender, but not over cooked.  I tried to get a shot of their glorious smoke ring, but the photo doesn't do it justice.

Here were some chorizo-stuffed jalapeños from our Morganton friends.  One of my favorites from the day. 

My uncle approved of the corn that the guys from Greenville made.

Here you see some great pineapple slices from the Lenoir guys that were simply sprinkled with cinnamon and grilled up for everyone.  They also did up some nice banana slices.

Perhaps the highlight for me was that Labon finally decided it was time to get his own Egg.  I choked back tears of joy--or were they from the chorizo-jalepeno burn?  Anyway.  I was pleased.  Great day.  Thanks to all who made it so much fun.


  1. Believe it or not, I'm still an Eggfest virgin. Hoping to get to THE Eggfest one year.

    Did you happen to get the chorizo jalapeno recipe? Was it just chorizo browned, mixed with cream cheese and piped in to a cored pepper? They sound and look great.

  2. Great post. I've yet to make it to an Eggfest. Your photos make me want to go.

    Any idea where the cast iron skillet for the XL came from?

  3. Chris, I did not get the chorizo jalapeño recipe. Mr. Toad whipped it up. I bet we could get it from him off of the I'll see what I can do. Meanwhile, I hope to see you at the 2nd annual Carolina Eggfest. . . Or they just announced Eggtoberfest dates in Atlanta: Oct 15-16!

    Dave, you in? I'm not sure where the XL skillet came from. Again, I'll see if I can find out. It's a beaut, ain't it?