Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dutch Oven, Dutch Beer

This is sort of the "kitchen sink" celebration of root vegetables.  It's another recipe that my dad came up with.  It's tasty, hearty and dead simple.
You start with a variety of your favorite root vegetables, chop them up and throw them in the dutch oven with some olive oil, salt, pepper, cinnamon and Craisins.  In this case we used potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots parsnips, and onions.  My dad had used beets in the past, but we didn't find any at the store this go 'round.  Stick the dutch oven in your Big Green Egg (or oven) at 350f for about 90 minutes.  Toss in some mushrooms toward the end if you're so inclned (and we were) and let it go a little bit longer.   
This is a great meal in that it's healthy, filling and tasty.  I suppose it's starchy enough by itself, but we threw it on some brown rice.

Perhaps this is cheep beer week here at Grill Knuckles, but we washed it down our supper from the Dutch oven with some Dutch beer from Aldi's.  I'm sure you've all heard of Klassiek (with an umlaut over the i).  It was a little pricier than your Red Oval Classic from Trader Joe's (see last week's post), but really quite worth it.  I'm not kidding when I say I put it next to a Heineken or Beck or that quality European lager.   Ok, I'll be honest with you, my dear readers, the Red Oval Classic was sort of crap.  But no kidding I liked Klassiek.

I lived in Germany for a short while in the 90s during my college years.  I believe that's where Aldi's started, but I'm not positive.  Anyway, Kaiser Krone was the cheap beer of choice if you were going to pick up some brew from Aldi's.  So maybe I latched on to Klassiek, because it reminded me of the huge, half liter cans of Kaiser Krone from back in the day.

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