Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Easy. Tasty. Pineapple.

This was one of my favorites from the Carolina Eggfest.  Matthew Underwood of the Caldwell Grill and Brew Club put me on to this.  I've grilled pineapple before, but never with cinnamon.

I went to a potluck dinner last week for church and had to bring an appetizer, so I jumped at the chance to try this myself.

Alright.  So how easy is this?  You just cut up pineapple, sprinkle with cinnamon and grill.

I cranked it up to about 550f to get the cast iron good and hot for searing purposes.  I wrapped it in foil and hustled it over to the church.

It was aromatic as all get out.  It tasted so fresh and juicy.  It's so healthy.  Folks gobbled it up.  Awesome.  Thanks Matthew!


  1. I love it! Nothing perks up a church party like rum! Next time . . .

  2. Dave? Using rum in food? Never heard of such, lol.