Monday, May 24, 2010

Love That New Egg Smell

I had the privilege of helping Labon assemble his new large Big Green Egg (and its nest) recently.  A few posts back I mentioned that he bought one at the 1st annual Carolina Eggfest.  The following Tuesday we pulled 'er out of the box and got to work.  The most nerve-wracking element was ensuring that the bands which hold the lid and base together were securely fastened.  How's it look (above)?  It seemed snug to us.  The bolts bent back and the brackets bowed toward each other.

Ain't it purdy in there?  Look how clean!

The first fire.

A college pal/Egger who lives in Denver now recommended we try bacon-wrapped dates.  You pit the dates and wrap them in thick-cut bacon.  Simple enough right?

   After all the assembly and food prep, I was too hungry to photograph the finished product.  I seem to do that a lot.  Sorry.   But here they are (below) ready to go before we cooked 'em up direct at 350f for about 15 minutes.  I have to say that I wonder if the dates were fresh or something.  While the flavor of bacon and date together was really nice, the dates were too gooey in my opinion.  Long after the bacon was done I was still working on date.  There was a texture or a ratio that didn't quite jive with me.  Also Trey recommended getting the bacon directly from the butcher.  As you can see above I just nabbed it from the shelf.  Maybe that was the thing.

We also tried pig candy (not pictured) which was something that we missed at the Carolina Eggfest.  From what we gathered it's supposed to be thick-cut bacon sprinkled with cayenne pepper and brown sugar and sizzled all up.  It sounded yummy.  Either we messed something up or it's just really sweet bacon.  As we all know, bacon goes great with everything.  But this just wasn't bacon's night somehow.

Next up: wings.

Here we just sprinkled them all up with some pork butt rub and cooked them direct at about 400f for 20 minutes until they were all crispy.

I need a tripod or something.  I liked the glow of the coals under the wings here, but I couldn't hold the camera still very well at this hour in the evening.  Please pretend that the wings are in focus and not blurry.  Thank you.
Again, I scarfed these down without arranging them on a plate to photograph.  Please believe me that they were beautiful and delicious.  We certainly had the best for last.  It was a lovely maiden voyage for the new Egg.

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