Monday, June 28, 2010

Cast Iron Rehab: Chapter 2

Our subject spent 48 hours sitting in a garbage bag while soaked with oven cleaner.

It's starting to look a little better.  This is an 8" cast iron pan made by Griswold that found its way into my family sometime in the last 50+ years.  

Using instructions from the Pan Man I soaked the pan in oven cleaner for 48 hours and then gave it a scrubbing with a wire copper brush.

If you look back at Chapter 1, you'll note some real progress.

But some of this crud still wouldn't come off, so back into the bag for another 48 hours with a fresh bath of oven cleaner.


  1. Looks like it is coming along nicely. Rehab is working, maybe you should put Lindsey Lohan in a bag of oven cleaner ;)

  2. Lindsey Lohan! Hilarious. Maybe you're on to something. We could try cast iron austerity next. Can we put Greece in oven cleaner too?