Friday, July 16, 2010

Cast Iron Rehab: Chapter 3

Ok, I've been a bad blogger.  Add vacation to work and family life and your blog suffers apparently.

After another 48 hours with oven cleaner on the pan.
It's pretty amazing. You leave raw iron sitting around and it gets a little rust color to it. I'll get to the seasoning soon and wrap up this project.  

My hope is that soon I can show off some goodies out of this pan.

You can see that some of this crud just isn't coming off.  Next up: the wire brush drill attachment!


  1. I always thought you want some of that crud left, doesn't mean it is seasoned. When I have cleaned my cast iron, we use a salt rub, just table salt rubbed and rubbed, and it gets it pretty clean really. Good luck!

  2. @ Weight Loss Tips: I'm honestly not sure. I did some cooking on the skillet recently and scraped the crud off down to the raw metal. I rubbed it down with an oiled paper towel and it looks good again. So I'm not sure if "seasoned" means it's got crud all over it. Or if it's just got a coat of oil/fat cooked in to keep it from oxidizing.