Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bone In Pork Chops

The T Rex method is becoming my favorite way to do thick cuts of chops or steak.  By the way, you can see in that picture that I've been doing enough searing that I had to get a Rutland gasket after frying that which my Egg came with.  The Rutland gasket is rated for temps over 700f so I went for it.

So the T Rex.  It's so simple.  You get the Egg roaring somewhere north of 600f.  After coating the chops in coarse cracked pepper and salt you drop them on the hot grate.  I go about 30 seconds before rotating the chops about 90 degrees.  That gives the cross-hatched sear marks.  After another 30 seconds I flip them. On the other side I go 30 seconds, rotate.  Then 30 seconds before taking them back inside to rest.

You bring the Egg back down to around 400f which takes about 20 minutes.  Once it's cooled down you bring the chops back out to cook for about 5 minutes on each side or until you get an internal temp of about 140f.  Take them off and rest them for about 5 minutes and you're done. 

This method really gives you tasty crust on the outside and nice tender juice on the inside.  I'm a fan.  These chops went down with one of my favorite beers: Sweetwater 420, brewed down in Georgia.  Mmm.


  1. Nothing better than thick cuts done right... thanks for the tip, I believe I am getting my first egg in 2 weeks... wheeeee

  2. Nice pics of the chops. As good as a steak when done that way. I need to get a Rutland. I've already replaced my gasket once, with a thicker one, that has lasted, but who knows with the temps I've had lately. I was TRexing some steaks the other night, and the guests ran late, so I added some more BGE charcoal and stoked the fire, closed the lid for a few min., grabbed a beer, and when I came outside it was pegged out at 700. I opened it....slowly and let it vent. They showed up, so I closed the lid and went in to grab the steaks, and when I came out the Thermometer had jumped the gap, and was at 175. Now that's freakin hot. So now I've got to recalibrate it, but I'm still proud of getting it up to that temp. Must be a guy thing.


  3. I think I am going with the rutland when I get around to replacing mine which has been out for over a year and a half. I might be picking your brain when I get ready to do that.

  4. Good looking chops! I installed Nomex after going through 2 felt gaskets in 3 years. I'll also probably move to rutland if/when this one burns out. Was it hard to install?

  5. @ Dave WOOO! Can't wait to see the new Egg! Congrats!

    @ Ryan, you are the MAN for getting your thermometer to jump the track. That thing must've been humming at 4 digits. You reckon?

    @ Chris, I feel like I read up plenty on the different gaskets and felt ok with the Rutland after all my research. I'll be glad to take you through my thought process if and when you get there.

    @ Dave, the Rutland was fairly easy to install. The Permatex sealant was sort of a mess. If this thing ever burns up, I'll do better on my next Rutland install.