Monday, August 2, 2010

Eggtoberfest 2010

Registration opened today for Eggtoberfest 2010 outside of Atlanta!  This year the cost of a demo Egg includes 2 tickets to the fest.  My next door neighbor has a conflict that weekend, but he's hired me and Labon as his mules to get his Demo Egg back across the GA and SC state lines. 

In other words since we were heading down there anyway, we'll haul his Egg back and enjoy his 2 tickets that come with it.  It's the mythical win-win.  Besides, now my neighbor and I will be able to compare notes and ribs, etc.  We're going to need a gate in that fence we keep climbing over.

Who else is going?

So nobody likes a blog post without a photo.  So here are some ribs I made for my mother in law.  They were good.  I'm loving Stubb's sauce on ribs these days.

And here's a shot of my son, who taught me the real way to eat fresh strawberries.  If you worry about where the juice winds up, then you fail to enjoy the berry.

See y'all at Eggtoberfest?


  1. Yep, I'm in! Got our two tickets printed out. I can't wait, this is my first one.

  2. @ Southern Cernock: y'all quit wishin' and get on down there!

    @ Chris: I didn't realize this was possible, but I'm looking forward to 2010 more than 2009! Looking forward to seeing you.