Saturday, October 23, 2010

Eggtoberfest 2010, Atlanta Motor Speedway

Before we launch headlong into Eggtoberfest 2010, let's pause to remember the weather at Eggtoberfest 2009.  It was rainy and in the upper 30s to mid 40s. Of course, Labon and I still had a good time. 

 But given the choice I'll take the weather from last weekend.  Upper 70s and sun.  Yes.

I know what you're thinking. "OMG.  Is that Chris from Nibble Me This?"  Yep.  And yes, we're standing in front of the ultimate Big Green Egg accessory: The Big Green Egg pace car.  It was very cool to meet him and  his wife, Alexis. But wait. There's more.
In addition to seeing the president of the Catawba Grill and Brew Club, Matt Underwood, Sweetwater Brewery was there.

The beer line was a bit of a problem.  Can you see the Sweet Water Truck way down there?

I exposed an Oregon Ducks poseur (or a man with a hearing impairment) when I yelled "Go Ducks!" several times and this gentleman failed to turn around.  But I say again, "Go Ducks!"

You see this?  This was a prime rib dry aged for 30 days and then cooked for everyone's enjoyment at Eggtoberfest.  Good golly it was yummy.  And it looked like it would have flipped Fred Flinstone's sedan.
When you're on the cooking team, you get to gnaw on one of the prime ribs.  Dang.  I want.

Clearly at an Eggfest you're going to get lots of good food.  Honorable mention goes out to the stuffed baby bell peppers, which I want to try soon (hand modeling by Labon).  

This year the Big Green Egg folks printed up recipe cards ahead of time for cooks who submitted recipes.  This made it easy to grab ideas.  

There was also a fun marshmallow/twinkie thing that was pretty good.  It had crumbled oreos and nutella and stuff.  Very tasty.  They served it with milk which was a nice touch.

Remember how I was just at Edisto Beach a few weeks ago?  Apparently this guy was too at some point.  And he shopped at the Piggly Wiggly just like me.  I'm also big on the Pig. Other cool t-shirts were "Proud to be AWESOME" and "I love the sh*t out of pork."  Sorry I didn't get photos.

So anyway, it was a great gathering.  No doubt it was different having something on this large of a scale.  Last year (and each year prior) it was hosted at the BGE headquarters right on their property.  This year having it in the infield of the Atlanta Motor Speedway was obviously a different sort of a thing.  Labon and I felt like we had to compete more for each sample this time.  Apparently manners were optional.  You'd be in a line as something came off of one of the Eggs and the line would give way to a blob of greedy humanity. Maybe that's also a factor of the rain from last year made for a smaller crowd?  Who knows.  Anyway, it was a big undertaking for the BGE folks to do something like this and I think it was a success over all, but I think they also probably have their own list of things to work out for next year without me nitpicking.  As Labon would say, "Good smoke.  Good smoke."

Monday, October 18, 2010

On Location: Topsail Island, NC

Note to self: Space out your beach trips in 2011, there buddy.

Late September is my favorite time at the beach.  You roll the dice though.  It's hurricane season.  While we didn't get any major storms, we did get to experience Tropical Depression 16 which went by the name of Nicole for a few hours there.

There's no one photo that captures all the wind and rain we experienced.  Wilmington, which was just to our south got over 22 inches of rain.  We "only" got 9.
But there's a limit to how much tv everyone could watch and by Thursday we were climbing the walls.  Literally.

The weather finally broke on Thursday in the late afternoon.  The rainbow was a nice touch.  We ended up having very nice weather on Friday and Saturday.

I missed my Egg. When we got home on Saturday afternoon, we had to hit the Fresh Market for some kabobs.  It was low maintenance, but it was good to reconnect with the fire.
Up next: my take on Eggtoberfest 2010!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

On Location: Edisto Island, SC

During the last week of August we got out of town for some R&R with some of our friends from college.  One day three of us chartered a boat to catch some fish.  Captain Dwayne knew a good spot about a mile off shore for us to drop our lines.  Adam, Bill and I settled in for a nice day of fishing.  Is that redundant?

We didn't expect to catch anything too exciting, but we snagged a handful of black fin sharks and some scalloped head sharks.  Bill got this nice black fin. I'm delighted to report that this was the biggest shark we saw all week.  Even though there was some excitement when he flopped around on the deck (the shark, not Bill) we survived this encounter without a scratch.
Mostly we caught whiting.  In fact, during the 4 hours we were out we caught 44 whiting and one keeper sized scalloped head shark.  There was a restaurant at the marina which fried up some of our whiting to make sandwiches for us while we filleted the rest of our catch. It made for a tasty lunch.  The rest came home for dinner.  We were having fish tacos.
The seagulls took a great interest in our haul.  We kept them at bay by tossing them scraps and guts.
Our house had a decent gasser (propane grill), but we didn't have a grill basket, which you might use for fish or veggies.  We improvised with this cookie sheet having seasoned the fillets with lemon juice, salt, pepper and Old Bay.  We sprayed them with olive oil to keep 'em from sticking.

The other treats that South Carolina provided were fresh peaches.  Heather found a peach salsa recipe online, which she fudged around to suit what we had available.  The gist is that she used fresh peaches, cilantro, diced onion, diced tomato, salt and pepper.  We added some slaw and avocado chunks atop of corn tortillas.

Paradise?  Close enough for me.