Sunday, October 3, 2010

On Location: Edisto Island, SC

During the last week of August we got out of town for some R&R with some of our friends from college.  One day three of us chartered a boat to catch some fish.  Captain Dwayne knew a good spot about a mile off shore for us to drop our lines.  Adam, Bill and I settled in for a nice day of fishing.  Is that redundant?

We didn't expect to catch anything too exciting, but we snagged a handful of black fin sharks and some scalloped head sharks.  Bill got this nice black fin. I'm delighted to report that this was the biggest shark we saw all week.  Even though there was some excitement when he flopped around on the deck (the shark, not Bill) we survived this encounter without a scratch.
Mostly we caught whiting.  In fact, during the 4 hours we were out we caught 44 whiting and one keeper sized scalloped head shark.  There was a restaurant at the marina which fried up some of our whiting to make sandwiches for us while we filleted the rest of our catch. It made for a tasty lunch.  The rest came home for dinner.  We were having fish tacos.
The seagulls took a great interest in our haul.  We kept them at bay by tossing them scraps and guts.
Our house had a decent gasser (propane grill), but we didn't have a grill basket, which you might use for fish or veggies.  We improvised with this cookie sheet having seasoned the fillets with lemon juice, salt, pepper and Old Bay.  We sprayed them with olive oil to keep 'em from sticking.

The other treats that South Carolina provided were fresh peaches.  Heather found a peach salsa recipe online, which she fudged around to suit what we had available.  The gist is that she used fresh peaches, cilantro, diced onion, diced tomato, salt and pepper.  We added some slaw and avocado chunks atop of corn tortillas.

Paradise?  Close enough for me.


  1. Sounds like a fun trip. It's October, time for the big bluefish to start running in Florida. I might have to make a trip.

  2. That last photo looks a lot like what I heaved up on my one and only deep sea fishing trip.

    Sounds like your story is much better than mine... great fun post

  3. That is my kind of trip. Love fish tacos!