Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wait, let me explain.

I know.  You probably expected the worst.  Botulism? Salmonella? VEGAN?!

No, no.  I assure you it was nothing so serious.

I won't name names, but somebody that I'm married to poured hot tea into my laptop over Christmas.  After our last computer died of old age during the summer of 2010, we got an iPad.  It's great for lots of things.  Blogging isn't one of those things.  So for all blogging purposes, for the last several months we've been a one-computer household. And for all of 2011 until the laptop got back from rehab last Friday, we were a zero-computer household.

But the computer is back.  It seems as good as it ever was.  

Related to nothing whatsoever on this post:  Here's a photo of Daisy, age 8.  She and I were bored the other night and got to playing with the camera some.

But hey.  Don't worry I've been cooking.  Been doing some wings, fish, brisket, skirt steak.  I whipped up some cobbler in the Dutch oven . . . I removed a good bit of body hair with a Big Green Egg-style fire ball. . . I even got some new gear for Christmas. It's been as fun as it ever was.   Just no blogging for a few weeks.  I'll get some posts going up here.  I've actually been surprised and flattered by the number of folks asking, "Dude, what happened to your blog?"   It's still here.


  1. I just thought you had switched to vegetarian ;) ha ha ha

    Glad to have you back and posting.