Thursday, May 19, 2011

ABTs revisited

Emboldened by Saturday's success with the atomic buffalo turds we bought some more jalapeños on Sunday to go with all the leftover stuffing.  The chorizo came packed in 6 "tubes."  Not sure what I was going to do with the other 5 tubes, I decided to add another tube to the cream cheese-based stuffing.

Jalapeño seeds, membrane: do not eat. 

I wish I'd thought to brown the chorizo before I mixed it in.  But the package says to heat it to 160f, so I just made sure I got the ABTs up to that temp before taking them off the grill.
Front to back: ABTs, Mother's Day burgers.
I backed off the heat a little (325f) and tried to cook them a little longer.  These went for about 35 minutes.  Oh and I had them on a raised grid too.  As you can see above, burgers were going on at the same time for Mother's Day dinner.
No dogs were fed in the making of these ABTs.

So what I didn't expect was that the extra chorizo made the stuffing have some more substance.  That's to say that it got all melty and delicious, but it didn't leak out the same way the stuffing did on Saturday.  So my new grilling maxim is: "If in doubt, use a little more chorizo."  But seriously these things were hard to stop eating.  They're my new favorite grill treat.


  1. How did my dog Oscar get in your ABT photo?

  2. Oscar? That's Daisy. Oscar must be one fine-lookin' dog. Thanks for checking in on me and Daisy.