Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Massive Steaks with Stuffed Mushrooms

Check out these guys.  Last week a friend tried to sell me on the idea of serving a big porterhouse and a big ribeye when you have a small gathering.  That way everyone gets some strip, some fillet and some ribeye. All the meat goes to the center of the table and everyone gets a little of each cut.  May need to try that.  Meanwhile I love my NY strip.

Seasoned only with kosher salt and fresh-ground pepper and sprayed with a little olive oil these things seared on the Egg at about 650 for 90 seconds each side.  They came inside to rest while the egg cooled down to about 400 at which point I cooked to an internal temp of 125f.
For Christmas I got a Cuisinart.  The first recipe we tried were these mushrooms.  They're spinach, feta and artichoke mushrooms.  They were delicious.  The recipe can be found here on the Cuisinart website
This South African wine was amazing with the steaks. I bought it after a tasting at Bond Street Wines here in Charlotte.  It's mostly a Pinotage grape, which is new to me.  I lack the vocabulary to properly discuss wines, but this wine was really stout and bold and went great with these hunks of beef.
Voila.  Mmm.