Sunday, August 7, 2011

How not to do stuffed chicken breast

After doing the stuffed mushrooms we had a lot of the "stuff" left.  I thought it would make for a perfect opportunity to try stuffed chicken breasts.  So I started looking around online on how one does that.  

The first thing you have to do is flatten the chicken breast--and the idea is that you need to pound the breasts flat.  I've seen those tenderizer mallets.  But I don't own one.  So I went to the garage and got a regular old hammer.  I stood over the breasts for a while with the hammer hanging slack in my hand.  Part of me was worried about getting salmonella on my hammer and then getting myself sick on some later house project.  Also my tools are pretty clean, but I wasn't sure who would want to eat chicken that had been smashed up by a work hammer.  What to do?

Right.  So I went with the plan where I put the breast between two cutting boards and then hit the top cutting board with my hammer.  Honestly it was sort of a mess.  The cutting board I used on top was really cheap and after a few hammer strikes it cracked.  So then I resorted to just banging on the chicken with the hammer (which I washed thoroughly both before and after contact with the chicken).  But I got the chicken mostly flattened out.  I dipped them in some "Better N Eggs" egg substitute we had in the fridge and rolled them in breadcrumbs.  Then I filled the breasts with the goop from the spinach feta artichoke blend I used in the mushrooms.  Then I used shish kabob skewers to hold the breasts together.

 I cooked them indirectly on the Big Green Egg at 350f until the internal temp on the meat was 165f.
 I gotta say that the finished product might've looked pretty ugly, but tasted mighty good.  And that's how you do stuffed chicken breast with a hammer from your tool box.  And this is also the first my wife has learned of what happened to that cutting board and how her dinner was made that night.

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  1. Hilarious, Gray! Thanks for sharing (at the risk of personal injury, lol)