Thursday, July 19, 2012

One Man's Trash Is My Gift To My Mother-In-Law

How great is this?! 

Last week we were visiting my mother-in-law. Driving along the street right before you get to her road I locked up the brakes on our rental car and threw it in reverse. Some generous soul had put this little baby out to pasture.

Heart pounding I abandoned my family back in the car. Good thing too. There was a wide-eyed guy pulling over just as I got my two hands on the thing to start rolling it the short distance to Grandma's. 

These 3-burner Weber grills are the true gems of the gas grill world. With some love and occasional replacement parts you can use these things forever and make some mighty tasty food along the way. My first grill back in 1997 was not too different from this one. I've still got it. And it still works like a charm.

FREE WORKS: The 2 best words to see on a roadside grill.

This means that going forward when we're visiting and I have the chance to grill--as is often the case--I'll be able to use this instead of the lousy, falling apart, sorry excuse for a gas grill that she has now (brand name withheld).

Was her "new" Weber in perfect shape? Uh, no. I lifted the lid to find a very corroded grate. One hefty pork chop would do it in. Flavorizer bars? Nowhere to be seen. Igniter switch? Busted.

But hey. I ordered up these things online. She ran out to buy a cover for it.

Yessir. Life is good.

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