Friday, August 31, 2012

Carolina Eggfest 2012

After taking a break in 2011 the Carolina Eggfest was back in action in Winston-Salem last Saturday.
The event was hosted again by Casual Furniture World with proceeds going to support the Victory Junction. I don't know how they came out, but their goal was to raise enough money to pay a child's full cost of attending. I hope they succeeded. This was my fourth Eggfest.No coincidence it was also my fourth Eggfest with Labon. We commented a number of times to each other how reluctant we would be to cook at an event like this. So we tip our tongs to all the cooks who spent the time, money and energy to cook for the event. Furthermore it takes something to put yourselves out there for comments and criticism. So thanks again to all cooks for making it a fun and tasty day.

This was a very good dump cake cooked in cast iron. With regular yellow cake mix they tossed in cherries and pineapple. Was it good, you ask? Why yes, it was.
These guys were from Roanoke, VA and made brisket sous vide. I heard about their process second hand, but I think they sous vided (?) it for over 24 hours then cooked it on the Egg to give it a little smoke flavor. It was by far the most tender brisket off the Egg that I'd ever had. You can look elsewhere here on Grill Knuckles to see what little success I've had with brisket.

Four Eggrfests. Four times I've seen Mr. Toad and his famous daisy wheel. He made some delicious apples.

These fine folks from Stokesdale made a really tasty chicken stir fry that had all sorts of delicious flavors going on. It was a little sweet; a little spicy; and had some mouth-watering onions and pineapple chunks at the party. They promised to email out recipes. They also had a gorgeous Egg table that I wish I had a better photo of. Here you can see that it has a granite top and the rest is made from Brazilian Oak (Garapa?) which apparently has the same fire rating as concrete. And it looks amazing. They were selling them at the festival. I wish I had an email address or website to give you.
There were some nice folks from Rock Hill, SC who had recently moved down from PA. Their lamb chops might have been one of my favorite things.

And their pizza that featured fresh peach slices and blue cheese was very good too.
The "Coney" team was from Maryland. They served up several yummy offerings

Their "Fudgy Make Your Tummy Pudgy" Brownie with cherry pie filling on top lived up to its name. My pants were indeed snug the following day. As Jimmy Buffett said, "It's my own damn fault."
Labon takes it all in.

Love me some stuffed jalapenos.

These had cheese and chicken.
Labon approves.

You know I'm sorry I didn't ask what that was. I think they had spare ribs going under their peppers. And that's . . . mustard? I'm guessing that's the yellow stuff.
Big Green Shirt says,"Like it. Love it. Can't get enough of it."

In the days since the festival I have found myself wondering if this guy pulled the trigger or suffered from non-buyer's remorse.
Cornhole. Great idea.

Ideas were flowing.

Behold the new and improved guts of the Big Green Egg. You can see the fire ring now features notches so that you can use your plate setter with greater flexibility. They're also using a new gasket which apparently doesn't break a sweat even when you're cranking 700 according to field testimonials that day.

Here's Josh of Casual Furniture World, the man who made it all come together. Big round of applause. Thanks Josh!

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