Friday, September 14, 2012

Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Strips & Grilled Peaches

This is the first recipe I've cooked off of Pinterest. I first saw it on a friend's board. It linked to Diary of a Recipe Addict.
The recipe was so simple.
4 chicken breasts cut into strips
chili powder
garlic powder
brown sugar
salt & pepper
Cut the chicken into strips and then season with chili and garlic powders and the salt and pepper.
Wrap with bacon.
Roll it all in sugar.

I added this step myself: Have a beer.
(When I went to the grocery to get my supplies I found this tasty seasonal ESB from Sweet Water. I recommend it.)

The recipe on the blog references that the recipe was originally intended for an oven, but used a grill herself. I did these on my Big Green Egg at 350f using a plate setter to get indirect heat. They were done in about 25 minutes. I used an instant read thermometer to make sure the chicken was done. I moved them to the outer edges for a few minutes at the end. That gives you some direct heat to crisp up the bacon.

I tried to photograph the unbelievable downpour that came out of nowhere. I'm unsure what the proper technique is to do so, but the pics weren't worth posting. Let's just say it rained unbelievably hard and when I went to retrieve these things I think the rain washed off a good bit of the seasoning. I ran out there in a rain jacket. A (dry) guest suggested after the fact I should have used an umbrella, but I didn't have the appropriate number of hands to hold a plate, tongs and an umbrella. Alas.

But hey. They still look pretty good, don't you think? We spiced 'em up at the table with some Dizzy Pig Jamaican Firewalk. In fact, that was so tasty, I think next time I would use that in place of the chili powder and garlic powder. For desert we had some delicious peaches. I'd tried something like this before and I can't remember if it was a formal recipe or just ad lib. This evening it was ad lib--but inspired by some vague past experience.
Anyway, all you do here is cut peaches in half and remove the pit. Grill them face down for a couple of minutes. Flip 'em over and then put a pat of butter and a lump of brown sugar where the pit was.
Let it melt.
Melt a little more.
Put some ice cream with it; serve hot; sit back and accept praise from your guests.


  1. You have to learn to master "the hunch". When I pull stuff off and have to run to inside from the grill in the rain, I hold the plate at stomach level and hunch over the plate to keep it dry, lol. It works. Looks silly but it works.

    1. Chris, I thought "the hunch" was going to be some grill master's intuition. This hunch you speak of sounds like it must be funny to watch. I suppose you'd need to have an apron on--or at least a shirt you don't mind getting wet on the back and greasy on the front!