Monday, November 26, 2012

Mixology: Cough Remedy

The over-the-counter cough medicine I took last night was a joke. Sure, it tasted kinda nice: sweet mouthfeel with strong bubble gum presentation along with some cotton candy and heavy eucalyptus tones. But it was worthless as a cough remedy. I coughed my head off most of the night.

It's time to take matters into my own hands. As this blog post went to press your correspondent was enjoying the following remedy:

Grill Knuckles Homemade Cough Syrup

  • 3 parts bourbon. To my chagrin I only had my top-shelf Woodford Reserve handy.  Oh well. Bottoms up!
  • 1 part lemon juice
  • 2 spoonfuls honey

Microwave the bourbon and lemon juice in your favorite mug until hot. Stir in the honey. Sip. Ahh. Sip. Sip. Zzz.

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