Friday, November 9, 2012

On Location: Coddle Creek BBQ

The co-workers piled into a couple of minivans to hit the 64th annual Coddle Creek ARP Church BBQ luncheon on Thursday in Mooresville, NC. This was my first annual trip. 

The fellowship hall was packed.
Eight dollars got you a heaping plate of tasty barbecue, sweet tea, and a desert. There were also loaves of white bread on the table so you could, you know, have some bread.

Check this out. First of all, I am totally and completely unaccustomed to having applesauce OR pickles served with my barbecue. As it turns out, both made for excellent sides. As tasty as everything was yesterday. I must confess that the homemade pickles were outstanding and the thing I will be most excited to see at the 65th annual Coddle Creek BBQ.

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  1. I am posting a homemade pickle recipe tomorrow! Or today. Depends how lazy I am ;)