Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012's Last Supper: Bone-In Ribeye

New Year's Eve was subdued in our house. Fresh home from travels to Massachusetts and New Jersey left us tired and fighting off various ailments. On the afternoon of New Year's Eve I ran to the grocery to buy a few staples for the household and to make sure we had our collards and black-eyed peas for New Year's Day. 

I stood at the meat counter patiently waiting for a beef tenderloin (post forthcoming). Time had passed. How much I couldn't say, but I returned to myself with a realization that I was staring. And drooling. At this:
Yes, about 2.11 lbs of bone-in ribeye gloriousness. Politely I asked the butcher if he would kindly package that up for me as well. I took it home along with all the other groceries and left it on the counter to come toward room temperature before grilling. 

I pulled out a bottle of this 2010 Priorat from Spain and poured a little into the cool decanter my wife bought me a couple of years back. It's called a Knight's Decanter and does a nice job of aerating the wine. Plus it looks really awesome.

 Meanwhile the coals were jammin inside the Egg.
So I actually took some video footage with my phone of searing the steak. That's still in production. It's my first effort, so please moderate your expectations. Thank you. Meanwhile, expectations for the steak were running high to quite high.

I've always been a NY Strip guy. This was the first time I'd used the T-Rex Method to do a ribeye. Actually it was the first time I'd made my own ribye. One of these days I'll do a side-by-side comparison, but holy moly this was delicous. The kids, who had already brushed their teeth for bed decided to have a taste and raved about it before running upstairs to brush again. My wife's comment was, "MMM. Buttery!" You brush on some olive oil and generously season with coarse salt and coarse pepper and then give it a high-temperature sear. It's so good. And the marbling (fat) in the ribeye really does add richness to the flavor. It is a buttery sort of an experience. 

I served this up with some little red potatoes, which I quartered and tossed in olive oil, salt, pepper and a little sage before cooking in the oven at 400f for about 30 min.

The worst thing about having a Big Green Egg is that it's ruined the restaurant steak for me. I still get the occasional steak when we're out to eat. But it's hard to pay premium prices for something that's not as good as what I do at home. This really was a delight to cook and eat. Dang it's making my stomach rumble just to type it up. 2012 was a good year and this was a great way to cap it off.


  1. That looked incredible. I love that you have collards and black eyed peas on New Years. If only we all at greens, we'd have avoided the fiscal cliff!

  2. Great looking steak! Can't wait to see the video. Yeah, the BGE does change your dining habits. I haven't had a steak at a restaurant in years.

  3. Golf clap! Well done, Gray...make that "job well done", lol, not the steak!