Friday, January 18, 2013

How to light charcoal with a paper towel

Grill Knuckles is pleased to present this modest video premier:


  1. Ha, I just used this today. I swapped out my MAPpro cylinder only a week or two ago and it is already acting empty today. Instead of fussing with it, I did the oil soaked rag and it worked just as good.

  2. This is great--and a good tip about lighting the wood stove, too.

    Question--and this is obviously coming from someone who is not a charcoal grillmaster like yourself--but what kind of coal are you using? Where do you get it? Why is that stuff better than the fuel-soaked Kingsford bags at Kmart? Maybe there's a post there, or maybe the answer is smack-me-over-the-head obvious....