Wednesday, March 13, 2013

In with the new

Dear reader: I realize you're going to think I've totally made this whole thing up. You're going to think I just did an image search for "dumpy grill" and one for "dream grill" and created a little short story around it.

But I swear. Every word you're about to read is true.

My next door neighbor has moved out. He left this at the curb:
In its prime this was a proud and mighty Weber 3-burner propane grill with a side burner. For all I know--back in the day--this was the nicest grill on the street. Today? Total garbage. Now, don't get me wrong. I'll jump on an old grill. But this was beyond repair. I know. It's sad.

And now for a little back story. 

A friend of mine reached out recently. We hadn't spoken for about a year. It's probably fair to say we were mostly barbecue friends. Sure our lives had other connecting fibers. But he and I were always on the same wavelength when the conversation turned to smoked meats. He and I like to talk barbecue joints and smokers and sauces. Stuff like that. We've never actually cooked together. But we've talked casually about taking a vacation day or something to hang out and cook some pulled pork.

So a recently he shoots me an email. And in the email he's got a photo of his smoker (below). Of course, I'm all jealous of it. I mean look at it. And I reply something to the effect of how it's now on my wish list of dream cookers.

He calls me up a couple of days later to let me know that I can take it off my wish list. I'm thinking, "Is he trying to sell it to me?!" Turns out he and his family are moving in next door. No, for real!

If I've never said this, the neighbor on the other side of me also has a Big Green Egg. So now among the three houses we're going to be this big outdoor cooking consortium or something. I'm so excited. Since moving here in 2008, I've been very happy with the neighborhood. I must say I'm getting even happier.

If you smell something tasty cooking in the neighborhood,  come on by.

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