Thursday, June 13, 2013

Asado (a-SA-do): noun; my kind of thing.

I have a cousin who is studying in Uruguay. I'm sorry to say that I haven't been to visit her. Fortunately, she'll be home soon. We will celebrate her return to be sure and I look forward to hearing all the stories.

Meanwhile my aunt and uncle just returned from a visit with her. One thing I totally latched onto was the asado. Friends of hers are renting a place with one. What's an asado? It's like an indoor grill for your house. I suppose almost like "barbecue" it seems like "asado" can be a verb or a noun. The noun can describe the food and the style--and even the event. But I was particularly drawn to the hardware that makes up an Asado.
Firstly, doesn't this look like fun? A bunch of college-aged folks from around the world standing around snacking and preparing a meal? Behind them is the asado. You can see the hood with the tiles and lower down is the fire cage.

So the way my uncle explained it, there's that cage at the side of the asado. You build a wood fire there. Once that fire produces good coals for cooking you use special tools to scrape them down under the grate on which you have beef, chorizo, kabobs and whatever else. This is cooking with live fire . . .INDOORS! I want one in my kitchen. Anybody know a Uruguayan architect? 

How great does this all look? So check for this in future Grill Knuckles posts: I love the idea of halved bell peppers--grilled with an egg inside. Wow!

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