Tuesday, July 16, 2013

On Location: Sandwich, MA

My wife grew up spending summers in Sandwich in a house which her grandfather built himself at a time when this particular stretch of beach had only 2 other houses. Over time it's had various upgrades, but it remains a very modest, but comfortable little house tucked in among the dunes. The house stayed in the family for many years, but some time ago my mother-in-law sold it. This summer it worked out for the first time that we were able to rent it.
Speaking of upgrades, I was delighted to learn that it has this Weber Genesis on the back deck. It was perfect for grilling up some fat pork chops.
Cast-iron grates! Sweet. I just seared these on each side for about 2 minutes before backing off the heat and cooking them for another 7 or 8 minutes per side afterwards.

When you rent a place there's always those crappy utensils you have to sort through to find something to suit your purposes. Well these grabbers were actually pretty great and I wound up using them for many jobs in the kitchen and grill.

Sorry for the lousy presentation, but it seemed consistent with being on vacation. Same for the cheap chardonnay in the plastic cup. But I will say that it was pretty stoked to cut into the pork chops and find--even without my trusty Thermapen--that they were perfectly done. Yum.

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