Monday, September 30, 2013

Adventures with Bacon: The 50/50 Burger

So Labon's been watching the Destination America channel. In particular he's taken with the United States of Bacon. Heh. That rhymes. Anyway, there was an episode where they talked about the "50/50 Burger," popularized at Slater's in Huntington Beach, CA. Quite simply, it's a burger made from 50% ground beef and 50% bacon. Do I have your attention?

This went down at Casa de Labon. He did the shopping too. He asked the butcher at the grocery store about grinding the bacon. He declined citing how terribly it would gum up his meat grinder. Fair enough.

So we decided to employ the food processor. Behold: one pound ground beef beside one pound ground bacon. Can you guess which is which? We decided that ground bacon looks kind of gross.

But the two together make some nice looking patties.

So there's a high fat content in these things. Drippy fat means Labon had to do some vigilant flippin.

Slater's serves the burgers with a fancy chipotle mayo and avocado and a fried egg. We didn't have all that mess--or really even the desire to fancy it up that much. But the egg sounded pretty great. We also slipped some mayo on the bun.

The yolk broke open before I could get that first bite in. But looking at it makes my mouth water even now. That drizzly, gooey goodness getting all over the burger made it just perfect. We served it up with some sweet potato fries and some dill pickle wedges.

Wow. In real time I could feel my wedding band and my watch band getting tighter as my extremities swelled from the sodium in this meal. But when you've got a bacon burger in your hands, it's hard to care about those little details. Labon was kind enough to send me home with some leftovers. My 7 year old daughter's reply? "Wow! I wish I'd been at that party." Yes. It was a bacon party for two. Delicious burgers. But with that much bacon, I have to declare that this is a sometimes food, people.

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